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I tie and I untie - sometimes with ropes, sometimes with words...

We get to choose our Gods

Not the governing Laws

I'm glad I could choose you 

And that you chose me too

Ruling together hand in hand

Over our kingdom of sand


Above us,

The Gods to which we pray

Of Fire and Rain, of Wind

And Leonard Cohen too


Beyond us,

The Laws we must obey

The towers we build must fall

Everything must turn to nothing


If Time is an arrow,

Love is just a bow. 

Ode to Entropy

Who are you ? All the spaces

In which you are ?
One day I will miss you,
But one day is another day.
Today there is wind and fire

And rain.

Oh, and I have missed you
Before our Gods met.
I miss you even now

As you spit on my tongue

The sour taste of longing,

And sweet.

There is beauty in missing you;
I notice all the spaces 

In which you are not.

Longing is my favourite flavour

It drips and melts on my tongue
And spins.

Promise not to miss me casually;
Look for me in all the spaces

In which I am not.
Today there is wind and fire,
I fall in longing as we spin

In love.

Spinning in Love

The unfortunate spectacle

Of two lovers falling apart;
Like snow melting softly
On the cold windowsill.
They sing themselves to sleep
And measure in teardrops
The weight of their distance
As they walk passed the door
Tightly and carefully locked 
By every word they spoke.
She whispers old melodies

In cadence with his silence;
When she holds her breath
They can hear so surely  
The sigh of their fingers
Releasing the grasp, and
The velvet of his shadow
Twisting around her ankle.
She used to ask him
"What if we fail ?"
They failed, it seems 
And there aren't any more
Stars to align in the sky.

"Kings of Heart"

I want to swallow the splinters
Of you
Of me
Shattered to more pieces
Than a shape can contain.
I need a knife
To cut your tongue
Before you say the words
The ugly words
Falling out of your mouth
I used to kiss.

"Autumn Splinters "

You tell me
Kissing feels
But you seem
So far away

I can only
Reach your lips
Standing up
On the edge
Of one toe

I argue;
Kissing you
Is the ultimate
Vertical effort
Of standing
Dancing on the blade
Of one toe nail

You whisper;
Horizontal lines
Cannot meet each other
Vertical lines
Never meet each other

"Geometry of Two Lovers"

How many trees make a forest ?

One thousand ? Two hundred and six ?
How many cards make a deck ?
A Queen of Spades and a Jack of Hearts 
If he burns like fire, if she blows like wind

How many prayers make a God ? 
How many shifts make a mood ? 

The Jack of Hearts is burning

The Queen of Spades is blowing

They make all their roads into veins

And flow like blood through mountains
Are two trees enough to make a forest ?

Three thousand five hundred kilometer

Is as far as they can remember.

Our Roads

The last time
I saw you
I played you
Like a violin
I forgot
They only know

Sad melodies
I forgot
Wood burns
And flames die.


You woke me up
To turn the pieces
Of my broken heart
Into powder.
Or maybe,
I woke myself.

She says
You don't build walls
By throwing rocks
At each other.
Unless maybe,
They're square enough.

I lean over
Onto his neck
With all my weight
And as he smiles
I think to myself
Maybe, I fell over.


You bring your fingers
Together; Like a gun
You put heavy moods
Between your knuckles.

She brings your fingers
In her mouth; Like a gun
She puts heavy hopes
Between her lips.

You pull your fingers
Into a fist; Blooming
Like a giant rose

Behind her teeth.

She holds
Your thumb
And your gaze.

"Hope & Sorrow"

If words

Were footsteps
I would walk


To the beginning

But words

Are raindrops

You can't put back
Into the clouds
If words

Were my arms

I would cut
My own breath
Because I can't

Put the pain
Back into my eyes.

"Fall Backward"

Poems by Marika Leila Roux / Photography by Rosita Pompili

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