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My method and approach to ropes is deeply influenced by my practice of yoga and other bodyworks together with many years of professional experience on both sides of the rope. My teaching is directed to both riggers and models, guiding them into developing active, conscious and efficient partnership in order to create successful rope experiences. I take time with my students to study and deconstruct the basics to help reinforce every party’s understanding of the rope’s and body’s mechanics before going on to more complex structures and sequences. My pedagogy focuses on encouraging and developing independence, freedom and creativity in the student's practice while maintaining a fundamental background of safety, knowledge and awareness.



- “Better” bottoming ? 

- Goals VS Intentions 

- Control VS Power


- Communication tools & Mutual Awareness 

- Establishing your Risk Profile

- Consent & Negotiations


- How to do Hand-Checks 

- How to warm-up and stretch 


- Guided sharing circles / journaling 

- Open Q&A



Suspension Fundamentals


DAY 1 

- Introduction the Workshop   

- Up-lines and Lock-offs / Recap

- Setting Up a Pulley

- Study of Gravity / Intro to basic body-rope mechanics

- Conscious movement and body management


- Butterfly Harness / Pattern Recap

- Hip-Loding harness / Pattern Recap

- Vertical Suspensions / Positional Study


- Proper Ankle Ties for Suspension

- Face-down (‘Gyaku Ebi’) / Positional Study

- Scorpion Suspension with Butterfly Harness



DAY 2  


- Bottom Focused TK Lab:

* What makes a TK work

* How to test a TK

* Finding the right TK


- Side Suspensions (‘Yoko-Tsuri’) / Positional Study - Demo only



- Torsions / Positional Study:

*  Body handling and research on the floor

*  “S suspension” Naka style inspired (Face-down Torsion)

*  “Mayfly” Gestalta inspired (Face-up Torsion)


- Open Q&A





« FLY STRONG »  is a two days workshop, optionally introduced by an evening class dedicated to Rope Bottoming Skills


This program was designed to help build/restore confidence in the model’s body and capabilities as well as reinforcing the rigger’s understanding of rope-body mechanics in suspension. It is ideal for riggers and models new to suspension or feeling stuck in their progress due to insecurities on either side of the rope. 


The main focus of this workshop is the research for the optimal use of the body in ropes and how to achieve 'comfortable' suspensions, concentrating on positional studies rather than complex sequences. The goal is to develop more awareness, confidence and autonomy in both partners in order to achieve stronger partnerships and more rewarding experiences. 




Dynamic Suspension & Transitions 



DAY 1 


- Introduction to the Workshop  

- Safer chest-harness alternatives to the TK 

- Hikyaku-tsuri to face-down / Transition #1


- Gorgone’s Hip-Harness / Movement Study in “Self Suspension”

- Hikyaku-tsuri to Face-down to Inversion / Transition #2


- Butterfly Harness / Original pattern recap 

- « Study on Falling » / Full Sequence: Option 1 (ritual version)


DAY 2 


- Butterfly TK & Strappado / New pattern variations 

- « Study on Falling » / Full Sequence: Option 2 (show version)

- Shukabishi Harness / Pattern recap

- Flying the Shukabishi / Suspension and Transitions with restrictive harness


- ‘360’ Full Sequence / Transition #3

(Hikyaku-tsuri to Face-down to Inversion (variations) to Bridge (variations) to Face-up Torsion)

- Open Q&A 


« DYNAMIC BODIES » is a two days workshop addressed to riggers and models interested in exploring dynamic suspension and transition work. The content of this weekend focuses on a more acrobatic and athletic approach to rope suspension. The sequences are fast paced, technically challenging and physically taxing for the models.  


The program aims to help both riggers and models develop mutual awareness and autonomy in order to successfully support each other in the process of executing a more dynamic and challenging suspension sequence. The goal is to learn how to use and enjoy various states of mind-body such as tension and relaxation, stress positions and resting positions, autonomous movement and surrender… 


(NOTE: Advanced Workshop - Riggers should master suspension line management before attending this class; the sequences are challenging and models should not suffer unnecessarily because riggers hesitate with their up-lines).







Torment, Pleasure and Courage




- Introduction to the Workshop 

- Neck Hug & Bamboo Ties / Predicaments & Suspension

- Hogtie (Gyaku Ebi) / Floor, suspension, transitions

- Setting-up a Pulley 

- Semenawa Bamboo Ties

- Variations on the ‘Moon Tie’ (arms-free)
* Crab Tie
* Daruma



DAY 2 


- Adding Accents / Research and variations (tying hair, face, fingers, toes, crotch) 

- Basket Tie for S&M Play / Variations in partial and full-suspension


- Tengu Harness / Pattern recap

- Variations on the ‘Moon Tie’ (with Tengu or TK)
* Extreme M Shape

* Bat Suspension 


- Agura / Ebi-zeme : Floor, suspension, transitions

- Open Q&A





« CHAOTIC BODIES » is a two days advanced workshop focusing on exploring a more extreme and tortuous approach to rope. The modules of this class are less generic and demand from both part a stronger sense of adaptation to less predictable structures. 


This workshop is more challenging for the body-mind, playing and experimenting with more painful and chaotic structures and processes. While «Fly Strong» and «Dynamic Bodies» focus on understanding the body in order to navigate within its limits and optimise comfort and predictability, the goal here is to 'negotiate with the body-mind‘ in order to push it closer or beyond its limits.  



(NOTE: Advanced Workshop- Riggers should master suspension line management before attending this class. Riggers and models should have experience tying together and feel comfortable sharing exercises focusing on the eroticising of suffering and vulnerability.)

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